When your dog or cat is six months old, we like you to bring them in for a FREE fun session with one of our nurses that helps them get used to being at the vet and also checks their growth and general wellbeing.

It is a long time between their puppy or kitten vaccinations and the first annual booster so these clinics provide an opportunity for you to bring them to the surgery to get to know us.

When they come along, we’ll get them used to having their paws and ears played with and have a look at:

  • Teeth - making sure that their adult teeth are coming through properly
  • Diet - checking their weight and making sure they are growing correctly
  • Exercise - many owners are unsure how much exercise their puppy should have
  • Behaviour - discussing any worries you may have about training your puppy or kitten
  • Flea and worm control - regular flea and worm treatment is important for you, your pet and the environment
  • Neutering - Knowing when or why to neuter your pet can be confusing – with all sorts of conflicting advice online, and on the high street

A FREE Adolescent Pet Check with one of our nurses will give you the reassurance you need. They’ll be able to discuss the health, behavioural and social benefits of neutering your dog or cat.

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