We treat all small animals including Mice, Rats, Hamsters, Gerbils, Degus, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Budgies, Parrots, Chickens, Fish, Ferrets, Cats and Dogs.

Our practice uses the most modern and effective techniques to help maintain your pet’s health and we believe in continuous training for all our staff to keep them at the forefront of current medical knowledge.

Our practice has a strength in Surgery and Radiology and this means that your pet can be treated for most conditions quickly and locally. All aspects of orthopaedic, spinal and soft tissue surgery can be dealt with in our Abbeydale Veterinary Centre and we take in referral cases from surrounding practices for further investigation and treatment.

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As modern medicine and surgery progress we believe in investing in equipment to give your pet the best health care money can buy.

These facilities cost a great deal of money to provide so we advise all our clients to insure their pets so that they can receive all the care they require without the worry of expense.

After an account has been settled our staff will guide you through completion of your claim form and ensure it is correct before sending it off for you all at no additional cost.

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Home Visits

We can arrange home visits if you feel that this would benefit you or your pet but, in many cases, more effective and prompter treatment can be administered when the pet is seen at the surgery. Most home visits are arranged for non-urgent cases. We do sometimes encourage home visits for cats in particular, who dislike coming to the surgery.

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Laser Treatment

Laser therapy does not treat conditions, instead it stimulates the body’s inherent healing mechanisms via a process called photobiomodulation.

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Stray dogs and cats are a big problem in many countries. In the UK alone it is estimated that more than £250 million a year is spent by local authorities, police forces and animal welfare charities rounding up and looking after stray cats and dogs.

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For urgent or emergency cases, please call your local branch and we will advise you where best to take your pet.