The role of a client care team in Gloucester

As with any business in Gloucester, a vet practice such as ours at AAS Vets in Gloucester needs a strong supporting team for the non-clinical business functions. The client care team will generally be the first and last port of call for pets and their owner. Depending on the size of the practice, this can include:

Practice Manager

The practice manager at AAS Vets Oversees the general everyday running of the practice. The practice manager will work closely with the clinical directors and nursing manager to report on performance, manage complaints, oversee stock levels and ensure client and team satisfaction. Some practice managers will have a clinical background, having worked as a Registered Veterinary Nurse and chosen to progress into a management position.


Our receptionist At AAS Vets Answers calls to book appointments and welcome clients and pets to the practice. Receptionists are the face of the practice, so strong people skills are essential.

Accounts team

Process client payments, manage debts, and pay third-party supplier invoices pertaining to business functions.

Insurance administrator

Support the claims process for recovering treatment costs for your poorly pets in Gloucester insured pets.

Unlike the clinical roles, most client care team positions have an administrative and customer service focus. Key skills needed are organization, patience, empathy, reliability, and communication. The client care team deals with clients experiencing a full range of emotions; from joy to fear and loss, and as such, they must be sensitive to the situation at hand.

Whilst the client care team at AAS Vets is not involved in the treatment side of the practice, being an animal lover helps!

If you would like further information about the role a Client Care Team plays at AAS Vets in Gloucester please feel free to contact us.