Dog owner warns of fly tipping dangers during walkies

Our client Pam wants dog owners in Gloucester to be aware of potential dangers when out walking their dogs, after her lurcher Ruby was badly injured by broken mirrors dumped irresponsibly on Robinswood Hill.

Pam was walking eight year old Ruby when when suddenly she gave out a blood curdling yelp and fell to the floor.  Pam immediately went to her and was shocked to find she had a very badly cut leg. Ruby couldn’t walk so Pam, who was pregnant at the time, had to carry the large dog home . 

“When I got home, I screamed for my partner and we quickly bandaged her leg, then another dog walker took me to the vets, where Ruby had to have immediate surgery.   

“The vet actually thought she had been in a car accident and wasn’t sure if there was enough skin to be able to close the wound.  

 “Ruby also had cuts to her feet which were so bad the vet feared she may lose the pads on her paws, so I was extremely worried.”

Pam continued, “The cause of Ruby’s accident was the dumping of an old door with broken mirror panels.  

“Some of the mirror had become dislodged from the door and was hidden in the long grass. Some of the mirror was even stood on end in the grass. 

 “I believe there needs to be much more awareness of the consequences of fly-tipping, for all age groups.  

“Not only is it an eyesore, as we all know, but also the health and safety aspects. Maybe some education in schools and maybe more information of the consequences of fly-tipping like in Ruby’s case for example.”  

Thankfully we were able to operate on Ruby’s injuries and, following ongoing care and dressing changes, she has healed well.  Ruby is back bouncing around, full of life and always looking forward to lots of good walks and runs.

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